5 Signs You’ve Been Hacked

With our world shifting more and more into the digital space, getting hacked is a threat not to be taken lightly. Antivirus software can safeguard us against hacking, but they are still not 100 percent guaranteed to deflect everything.

If you have a sneaking suspicion that your personal accounts have been hacked, chances are your information is at jeopardy. Here are a few sure-fire signs you need to take action immediately:

  • Odd email messages: If several friends or colleagues receive emails from your address that look fishy, chances are your email account has been hacked.
  • New programs pop up: if you notice programs you’ve never downloaded appearing on your computer, this could be a clear indication someone has gained access to one or more of your accounts.
  • Your computer slows down: This could be a symptom of several other problems — like weak Internet or data memory shortage — but if your computer suddenly performs at a slower rate, this could be a sign of hacking.
  • Your password no longer works: This is a definite sign. If your trusty password stops working, chances are you’ve been hacked.
  • Unable to update: If you can’t update your current computer programs, this could be a sign that hacking has happened.

If you suspect you’ve been hacked, it’s best to take action immediately. Notify your friends and coworkers, so they don’t fall victim, and make sure to change your passwords if you’re able to. Also, keep an eye on news headlines. If a major company that you use, and give credit card information to, has been hacked, then your information could be compromised, too.

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