A business is a machine, whether it is a well-oiled one or  one that is consistently screeching to a halt. Each department serves as a different cog in the wheel. If one part is off, then it can mean disastrous results for the whole company.

It’s difficult to find the right IT team made up of the best, most efficient people who are going to meet your specific needs properly. However difficult, the wrong IT team can drain you of money, time and energy. How do you know whether it’s time to part ways with your IT team? Here are a few signs:

  • Simple fixes take far too long.
  • The same technical problems continue to happen, because your IT staff provides a quick fix instead of delving further into the issue.
  • The rest of your staff is always trying to think of solutions for their own IT problems, because your IT staff is too busy (or claims to be).
  • You have spoken to your staff about particular issues, and instead them getting resolved, the issues only get worse or more frequent.

It is never pleasant to part ways with somebody in a business scenario, but sometimes it is the only possible solution. Someone who is not the right fit for your company will only slow the rest of your team down and lower production, which in turn only affects customers negatively.

Bytesize has 30 years of experience in IT. We combine that experience and innovative thinking that keeps up with the ever-changing world of technology so that we can serve your company’s specific needs. For anyone not well versed in technology, or even someone who is, it can be hard to gauge an IT team’s progress. It’s important to get someone you can trust.

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