VoIP, or Voice over IP, has taken businesses by storm in a very good way.

Unlike traditional phones, VoIP products use the Internet to complete calls. This means that someone can make a call over a computer or with a special adapter on a traditional phone. If the person is calling a regular phone number, then the signal is transformed back into a regular telephone signal before it reaches its destination. Here are three good reasons that VoIP is the new standard for businesses:

  • Mobility – Many businesses have multiple locations across the globe. If a client calls into a central location, VoIP makes it seamless to transfer that client’s call to any employee within the company, whether that person is in his or her office, at home or travelling. VoIP is perfect for working from home or anywhere on the planet.
  • Cost – One business owner has experienced between $15,000 and $18,000 less in the annual long distance phone bill. This is obviously a very significant amount of money, and that business owner can put that money into other areas of the company that really need it. He can invest in his employees’ education, training or salaries. Perhaps he can upgrade equipment. The possibilities are endless.
  • Saved time – The goal of any business is to maximize time for the greatest value. VoIP products such as Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series allows employees to focus on actually addressing customer service issues rather than spending their most valuable asset, time, on transferring calls. This product “directs callers to the departments they’re trying to reach,” as stated in Biz Tech Magazine. Saved time is paramount.

Jay Owens, owners of small business RetroSpecs & Co., tells Biz Tech: “It empowers small businesses because you can focus your attention on the customers. You’re saving money by making calls over the Internet, and you can get some of the power and efficiencies that bigger businesses are getting.”

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