Unlike big businesses that have large budgets to allocate to IT, small businesses are faced with the challenge of streamlining their technology efforts. Having top-quality IT service doesn’t have to be difficult, though. Sometimes the biggest hurdle is just knowing where to start.

Almost every small business has these IT needs.

Here are the top 5 most common IT needs for small businesses: 

1. Inventory Managerment

If you’re a small wholesaler, keeping tabs on  inventory is paramount. Most accounting systems can help you track a wide variety of product and keep count of each item’s profitability. Inventory management systems are also useful for tracking shipments that are coming and going. If your business sells any products at high volume, then having an inventory management system is critical.

2. Security

Having a high-quality security system is a need too often overlooked by small businesses. Just like your home needs a lock, your business needs a security system. Make sure to invest in one that’s easy to use and has good customer reviews.

3. Payment Processing

Cash and check transactions are no longer the primary forms of payment. In order to appeal to the modern-day customer, your small business must have a quality payment processing system for credit and debit cards. At minimum, your business will need a merchant account with a payment gateway to accept any kind of credit card payment.

4. Communication System

This need is the most basic. Communicating effectively with your employees and customers is critical to running a successful business. At it’s most basic, an email account will suffice. Many small businesses, however, are beginning to switch over to customized apps or other speedy forms of communication.

5. Accounting System

An easy-to-use accounting system can make a world of difference for any small businesses. An accounting system can handle every day functions like keeping track of your income, expenses, tax liabilities, receivables and other important financial information.

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